Welcome back to Salem!

On the 16th May 2021 we will be returning to in-person worship. Hallelujah! It will be lovely to see you all again – and new people will be so very welcome. Here is our new pattern of services:

9.30 am every Sunday: Welsh language service / Oedfa Gymraeg

11 am every Sunday: traditional English language service

Twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, beginning 16th May 2021: Sunday Celebration at 4 pm.

What is a sunday celebration?!

This is a new venture, which we hope will make it easier for children, young people and families to worship together. It will also be especially suitable for newcomers, or those who prefer a more relaxed service. We will start at 4 pm with some worship music together and a reading from the Bible. Then, after 10 minutes or so, we will split up into groups:

Primary age children will enjoy Sunday School fun and games in the Chapel or the garden (children too young to attend school must be accompanied by a responsible adult, please)

Secondary school age young people will go to the minister’s home for Beibl a Bwyd youth group

Parents of Sunday School children, as well as all other adults who are interested, will be invited to join a welcoming and relaxed group (we call these Life Groups) in the vestry/church hall.

Why not give it a go? You will be so welcome!

Beibl a Bwyd

We are looking forward to our new look Beibl a Bwyd which will be part of our Sunday Celebration. This will be in Salem at 4 pm on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, and after some joint worship time, Beibl a Bwyd will go off to Rosa and Francis’ house/garden for food, faith and fun! Please remember to bring a mask as this has to be worn at all times indoors under current Government guidelines for running youth groups. Food will be available in the garden only, for the same reason.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all – but we need a signed permission slip! Please download it here https://1drv.ms/b/s!AnsOyg_eF7KRgYI9QVhC5efMtJBoxw?e=UdYXtg , print it out, fill it in and send it with your young person to Salem at 4 pm on Sunday 16th May.

Parents/carers/grandparents: during Beibl a Bwyd, there will be a Life Group running at Salem where adults can discuss things that matter in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You would be very welcome to stay for that!

Service Times and Locations

Hi everyone,

Due to the increase in Covid cases in Wales, we have decided to change the way that we meet to do church. From the 20th December onwards (until further notice) all services will either be on Zoom, or outside in the garden. The new times are:

9.30 yb Oedfa Gymraeg

10.30 am English language service

You can watch a short message about this here, including some important Covid-safe details:

Treasure Hunt

We are delighted to introduce our Christmas Treasure Hunt round Church Village and Tonteg!

First, download the booklet in Welsh or English below

Now, go for a walk round the village and look in the windows of the shops. Can you spot a picture which matches one of the ones in your booklet? Write down a few words by each picture you find, to describe it. Can you find them all? End up by paying our garden in Salem a visit, and see if you can find our enormous Christmas tree!

Lockdown Update!

Dear friends,

Following the First Minister’s announcement today, we will not be able to meet for worship in Salem between the 24th October and the 9th November. So, after a trustees’ meeting today, we have decided:

1. The service this Wednesday 21st October at 6 pm will go ahead as usual. Families will be encouraged to take their craft boxes home to use during lockdown, as explained below.

2. On Sundays 25th October, 1st November and 8th November the services will be on Zoom – 9.30 am in Welsh and 4 pm in English. The link is the same as it was before (see link below and on the website home page) , and will be on Facebook. The services will be recorded and shown on YouTube afterwards

3. On Wednesdays 28 October and 4th November at 6 pm, we will have an All Age service over Zoom. The link is the same as for the Sunday service (below), and again this will be recorded. We will be leading craft activities on screen which we would encourage you to join in with at home. Keep an eye out for announcements on Facebook about this Wednesday night service (eg if you need to prepare some sticky-backed plastic … )

4. If all goes to plan, we hope to be back in Salem for the Wednesday night service on the 11th November at 6 pm.

I do hope that you are not feeling too crushed by all that is going on. We serve a great God, who loves and sustains us, blessing us daily with His loving care. I am confident that we will continue to see His goodness throughout the weeks and months to come. I pray for you all regularly, and please do get in touch with me if you need support. You know where I am!

Love in Christ,



Salem re-opens for Worship!

We really look forward to welcoming you back for worship (or indeed, for the first time!) at one of the following times:

Sunday 9.30 am Oedfa Gymraeg

Sunday 4 pm traditional English langauge service

Wednesday 6 pm informal all age service

Please let us know which service you would like to attend.

It would be very helpful if you could watch this video to help you prepare. You will get a HUGE welcome!